Tuesday, July 24, 2012


At our new apartment there is no pantry, and no good spot for food storage... That is until I turned our laundry room (read closet) into a pantry. We were planning on buying a washer and dryer,  but since there is a laundry room on-site at our complex, and because we needed a place to store dry goods, etc. we opted to go with a makeshift pantry.

I found this small wire rack at Costco (similar sized shelving units at Home Depot and Lowe's were between $75-$100 dollars), I scored this guy for $35! Yay!

The canvas baskets hold (L-R) miscellaneous (light bulbs, etc), cleaning rags and sponges, cleaning supplies, and laundry (detergent, iron, etc). It looks much nicer than the pile of junk we had up there earlier. I didn't take any before pictures of this project, simply because when I set my mind to doing something, I have to get it done immediately. I always forget before pics. Just imagine piles of junk everywhere. Got it?

It still needs a lot of work. I need to figure out a way to store all our food goods neatly, and I need to install a broom/mop wall holder, and a wall or door mounted spice rack, but it is better than it was.

Another organization project...
All our dvds, games, cables, etc had been in boxes laying in the middle of the floor, and our tv was sitting on an old side table. we went on like this for 5 weeks, then I said ENOUGH! I know we have 100,000,000 more projects, but I can't look at this.

I had bought this for christmas decor storage (it fits under the bed), but instead I unpacked all the dvds and games and put them in here.

My plan was to just slide this little guy under the couch. done! Except, oh wait, it totally doesn't fit under the couch. Boo. 
So, 24 hours later we bought an entertainment center. It wasn't exactly what I wanted (I had found an awesome antique dresser on Criagslist that I was planning on re-doing), but Matt was ready to set up his surround sound, and I was ready to get things off the floor. 

We went with some Target "starter" furniture...
Good almost hubby putting it together...


Oh look, just in time to watch a No Doubt reunion concert. Hah!

New upcoming projects, finishing my 1940's dining table redo, a new (old) mirror re-do, and a gallery wall. 

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